Motives for Singapore SMEs to automate HR tasks

HR automation helps SMEs save time and money while also starting the process of increasing employee job satisfaction.

An hr system singapore spends 50% of its time processing personnel data and responding to inquiries. Automating laborious HR procedures might help boost productivity because smaller SMEs might not even have a dedicated HR worker.

These days, almost every part of business is computerized, and many HR tasks are largely automated in some fashion. However, improvements to HR solutions have been made throughout time that go beyond just turning paper forms into digital ones.

SMEs can benefit from enterprise-grade HR systems that can help them handle the demands of their employees from start to finish for a relatively low upfront cost.

hr system singapore

The following five factors make automating HR functions a desirable idea:

  1. Adherence to laws and rules and fewer math mistakes

The Singaporean government recently decreed that all SMES must begin giving employees complete pay slips. Therefore, an HR software that incorporates mandatory benefits and deductions, such as CPF, automatically removes the hassle of manual calculations and easily reduces or completely eliminates errors. Companies can easily comply with the pay slip requirement thanks to Singtel MecWise Payroll. It computes various pay components, including bonuses, advance payments, the monthly variable component (MVC), and others. Additionally, submissions can be made using the built-in templates for the CPF Board, IRAS, and Bank GIRO.

  1. Allows workers to self-update their data and manage their leave

The modern workforce is comfortable obtaining forms online thanks to the convenience it provides. According to a poll conducted by the Aberdeen Group a few years ago, employees value the automation and do-it-yourself approach’s control, flexibility, and reactivity.

This is provided via Singtel’s MecWise Employee Self-Service (ESS) service. Staff members may conveniently submit their requests for leave online and keep track of their leave dates with the help of this web-based employee and leave management solution. Employees can proactively update their personal information, skill set, and employment history via the ESS. And as long as they can access the system via the internet, they can do this whenever and wherever they want.

  1. aid in decision-making for managers

The new generation of HR systems on the market today are loaded with tools that enable businesses to gather business intelligence from data stored within their organizations.

MecWise Payroll’s embedded search function provides a company with an accurate view of the skill set profile of its employees and aids in pinpointing areas that require improvement in terms of training and other programs.

  1. reduces the time and cost of administrative tasks

It’s estimated that businesses deal with employee-related paperwork for 7% to 50% of their time. They can process payroll and benefit information much more quickly and effectively without using additional resources thanks to automated HR functions.

Additionally, according to the Hunter survey, “companies with successful self-service implementations reported a staff-to-employee ratio of 1:151 while companies without self-service had a ratio of 1:99.” Cost savings from increased productivity are provided by automation.

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