Parent Solution for an Infant School

We all want them to get the best education that is offered to them. We all want them to go to a good school. What really defines a good school? In this article I want to describe what I understood as a “good kindergarten / kindergarten” based on thirty years of experience teaching in kindergartens.

In some countries, preschool or kindergarten is the field of instruction for children between the ages of three and seven. In areas where there are two or more schools, parents may have to choose a school, and this can be a difficult decision.

Here are some guidelines to help you make that decision.

  1. First impressions are very important to both you and your child. Find a Principal, Teacher, Learning Assistant and Administrator to greet you.
  2. The entrance, hallways and classrooms should be welcoming and show mostly children’s work.
  • The classroom should have a reading corner, a role play area, and a sand and water playground.
  1. Ask to show the reading and math patterns that are being implemented in the school.
  2. Outdoor play areas must be adequate and safe.
  3. Sanitary facilities should be appropriate for age group and class size.
  • The premises must always take into account the special physical needs of some children.


You may ask if there is an opportunity to participate in a parenting association. These partnerships are often established in schools to raise funds for specific charities and events, to encourage school participation in the local community, or even to raise funds for resources or equipment that cannot be obtained from the regular financial budget. Get involved in your child’s school.


The director of a good kindergarten chiang mai will want to meet with you and your child and will be happy to discuss any concerns you may have. You should take this opportunity to get as much information as possible about the philosophy and mission of the school. This is a good time to let the school know that you are a parent who is very interested in your child’s education and respects the work done by the teachers and other staff at the school.

Finding the right school is well worth the time and effort. Remember that your child will be spending most of the day at school, so it makes sense to get the best deal possible.

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