The Best School For Quality Education Is Insworld

The Best School For Quality Education Is Insworld

Insworld Institute was founded in 2000 to provide Singaporean and international students with access to a British-based curriculum leading to British academic credentials. The Pearson Edexcel curriculum was selected as the best option for Insworld students due to the fact that its international exams (Lower Secondary, IGCSE, and International A-Level) are tailored to the needs of international students. The Pearson Edexcel International A-Level examinations, in particular, are modular rather than linear in design, a strategy that can reduce student stress and anxiety while maintaining academic standards.

Insworld believes that teaching in small classes provides students with the best opportunity to rapidly and accurately expand their knowledge. This is fundamental to our operations. We are able to accommodate the needs of each individual student while maintaining a proper emphasis on academic advancement and exam success. Small classes also provide students with opportunities to develop the qualities of honesty, autonomy, and compassion that will enable them to pursue their future goals with greater self-assurance and confidence.

Student life:


Insworld Foundation Student Council is a student-elected body that seeks to represent student opinions on all aspects of school administration. In addition to organizing and managing special events, it actively participates in school events such as Graduation Day and the Cultural Festival.

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Students run the Student Council under the supervision of academic and administrative staff. The primary objective is to be the voice of the students and provide them with a channel to communicate their ideas, suggestions, and even criticisms to the school administration. The Student Council also administers its own activities and programs with the assistance of the school. It plays a significant role in fostering a sense of school community and student engagement. Members of the Student Council cultivate their leadership abilities and promote diversity, social responsibility, and personal integrity.

Student Council members contribute suggestions, feedback, and ideas to meetings. These are discussed and taken into account. If feasible, these ideas can then be presented to the school administration. It is essential that everyone at Insworld feels included in the school community and that their voice is heard. Many of the Student Council’s suggestions for enhancements have been enthusiastically implemented by the administration.

The Insworld GCE A-Level / International A- Level (IAL) programme provides students in Singapore with the opportunity to pursue A-Level qualifications at a private school. Students are prepared for IAL/ GCE A-Level examinations administered by Pearson Edexcel, a UK Exam Board and Awarding Body authorized to administer A-Level examinations in Singapore. GCE A-Level is the standard pre-university credential in the United Kingdom. The IAL is the international equivalent of the GCE A-Level, benchmarked to the same standard but made more accessible for international students. Universities worldwide, including those in Singapore, recognize IAL and IGCSE A-Level exams as valid indicators of academic achievement and potential.

It is widely acknowledged that the British-based curriculum of GCE A-Level / IAL exams provides excellent preparation for university studies in Singapore, the United Kingdom, and around the world.

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