Must-have Indian spices for your kitchen

The flavorful spices listed below are essential to regular Indian cooking. There are certainly many more herbs and spices, but these are the ones that give Indian food its distinctive flavor. The spices suppliers in india uses high-quality method to prepare and supply products. Here are few Indian spices that you should have in your kitchen.

Black peppercorns:

This condiment has been a mainstay in Indian kitchens since before chilies were introduced. Although long pepper and white pepper variants are also frequently used in Indian cuisine, whole black peppercorns and crushed pepper are both quite popular.

Dried red chilies and chili powder:

It’s uncommon to find an Indian kitchen without red chili powder and dried red chilies. Red chilies come in many different kinds, including the Kashmiri, Byadgi, Guntur, and others. They provide Indian curries and gravies with flavor and color. Curry pastes and spice blends both use dried red chilies.

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Cloves are a crucial component of Indian curry pastes, spice powders, biryanis, kormas, and sweets, along with cardamom and cinnamon bark. Kheer, or sweet pudding, gains a distinctive flavor from cloves, and masala tea would be lacking without them. Cloves are a key component in many therapeutic mixtures and are the finest natural treatment for toothaches due to their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.


Fresh herbs always improve the flavor of any dish, and coriander leaves are no exception. Fresh coriander leaves used as a garnish at the end greatly improve the flavor.

In Indian kitchens, you can find both coriander powder and seeds. Some use coriander seeds to make fresh sambar masala or garam masala, and coriander powder is useful for all Indian curries and gravies.

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