Body Painting Services: Putting Art On Human Skin

Painting is not just applicable to vehicles, walls, and furniture, but human skin can also be possible. Human body painting work can’t be limited because it comes in different categories, such as:

  • Face painting
  • Body painting
  • Full body painting

Body painting is a form of temporary tattoo drawn and colored onto the human skin, which is painless and safe. Read about this human skin art and discover the different body paint services.

Face painting

It is a category of body painting limited to the face. Face painting is covering a person’s face using paint or drawing any design of their preference as decoration or art. Usually, face painting happens when there is an event or a festival in their place, in which face painting will spice up the whole event. With everyone wearing their best face painting, there could be a possibility that a face competition might be conducted in the event setting.

Face painting can also be seen in a celebration featured for music, children, and prizes. So, the event would surely be more exciting and fun. But, where can you get the best body paint artist? Well, this is the challenge here. To get the best body painting services, you need to hire a professional body paint artist.

Full body painting

A large-scale human skin painting is also referred to as body painting, while the smaller and more detailed works are temporary tattoos. Body painting is a kind of body art where the artwork is painted onto the human skin, which is painless. Unlike tattoos and some other forms of body art like piercing, body painting doesn’t last for long. Instead, it is temporary and stays for several hours and can be up to a few weeks when using henna ink.

Who works on body painting?

People who perform body painting are called body paint artists. These people create designs directly onto the human skin. They are similar to tattoo artists, in which the human body is their canvas. Body paint artists don’t use permanent ink. They use water-based paints to draw or create images that last from a few hours to days.

There is nothing to be scared of about body painting because it is painless, unlike tattoos which can be painful, especially if there is no anesthesia. So, for anything who wants to have designs drawn onto their skin, yet is afraid of pain, body paint is a good try.

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