The Ultimate Cleaner Machine For Rent And Supply

restoration equipment rentals

A place for everything from cleaning agents, types of equipment, and accessories. Schaper’s Cleaning and Restoration Supply is a company that is the epitome of all the cleaning agent needs. It is commonly known in all excellent products and well-equipped.

The Schaper’s has it all, especially in restoration equipment rentals. This company is on the top list of the best types of equipment for cleaning, you have a daily rent or weekly. The rental equipment is picked up/ dropped off. The rental period of the contract is 24 hours or 3 days minimum.

What is their equipment rental?

When you are contracting restoration equipment rentals, you need to look at the specification of the equipment you need. The Schaper’s has the high-qualities of equipment. They have different types and models of cleaning you can choose from. The company also has the availability of restoration start-up packages online. You can buy and they deliver nationwide, also for bulk order in supplies. These are the equipments you can rent daily or weekly, such as the following:

  • Centrifugal Air mover
  • Axial Air mover
  • Medium, Medium, and X- Large Dehumidifier
  • Phoenix 1200 Desiccant
  • Quest Desiccant Dehumidifier
  • Hepa 500/Ermator A600 Air Scrubber
  • Ermator A1200 Air Scrubber
  • Phoenix Firebird/ Compact
  • Air Conditioner-Phoenix Arctic Max
  • E-TES
  • Portable Carpet Extractor
  • Floor Machine 175 RPM
  • High Speed Burnisher
  • HVE3000
  • Floor Dying Package
  • Hydroxyl Machine
  • Ozone Machine

These are the other miscellaneous items.The delivery fee will depend on your ordered types of equipment and the time of shipment.

  • Lay Flat
  • Dehu Filter change
  • Hepa 500 1’st and 2’dn filter change
  • 2000 CFM Hepa 1’st and 2’dn stage

 What do they offer?

The Schaper’s has the restoration of Start-up packages online. They offer a free WRT/ASD combo class when you purchase. Investing in complete equipment for restoration and cleaning improves the productivity in cleaning. The complete packages can give more efficiency in boosting up your surroundings clean.

What is the advantage of a clean environment?

Cleanliness is important; it builds up a healthy environment that facilitates physical and mental wellness. Therefore, if you have complete equipment for cleaning and restoration, it’s easy to do all the things that need to be clean or restored. The advantages of using equipment in cleaning such as:


By using cleaning equipment, you can clean a large area in one go and effectively. Like the Serum Mini Eliminator Soft Wash System, this machine can clean to remove the mold strain and it only takes a minute.


It is eco-friendly; the cleaning equipment has less power and no harm in the environment.

Easy to operate

The cleaning equipment is easy to use and friendly-user. Like the Floor Machine 175 RPM, it is automatic floor scrubbers or auto scrubbers. This type is for floor cleaning that is used in scrubbing the light debris, dust oil, grease, and floor marks.

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