Looking to Buy a Phone: Important Things to Check Out

These days Smartphones have become quite an important part of everybody’s lives. We need them for taking photos, communication, saving files and documents on cloud, browsing internet and as the power bank for charging other devices. If you are looking to buy a smartphone, at www.so-nerdy.com you will find some important tips that will help you make the right decision.


Smartphones have two types of memory and they are Random Access Memory & Read Only Memory. With these memory type, processor of the phone, determines your phone speed and ease of operation. And ROM is what many people refer as storage. It is a memory used for storing various apps, OS, and videos, songs and photos that you would like to store on your phone.

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Thus, it is important to look for the phone that has higher RAM and is faster and ones with the higher ROM have higher storage. The average user must be very happy with 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. However, if you’re heavy user, you must look for the phone with 3 to 4 GB RAM & 64GB ROM. If you want to extend ROM you can use micro SD card, but keep in mind, apps stored or run from the memory cards generally tend to be a bit slower.

Amazing Display

The size of smartphone display appears to be increasing and pushing this boundary of what we want from the smartphone display size. They are reached ‘phablet’ realm with the displays reaching over 6.9-inches!

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