How Long Does Full Spectrum CBD Stay In Your System

CBD oil is made from the cannabis plant. It’s one of the most popular treatments for many health conditions and complaints. It has a wide range of medical benefits, but its popularity has risen in recent years because it can also be used as a recreational drug with few negative side effects. You may have noticed CBD products on your local supermarket shelves or wondered how long they stay in your system if you consume them.


It’s important to note that CBD levels are harder to measure than THC levels, so there may be more cannabidiol in a given amount of cannabis than THC. Also, a high-CBD strain will tend to release more THC into the body than a low-CBD strain. Therefore, it’s important to test your blood and urine for both THC and CBD levels when using this type of product.


It can take up to 72 hours for the full effect of the CBD to leave your system. It may also take longer, depending on the amount you used and how you consumed it. When used in edible products like juices, tinctures, or edibles, it may take up to 36 hours for CBD levels to be reduced by half.


If the full effects of CBD products take longer than the stated time frame, it can be a sign that too much of the active ingredient was consumed. For instance, if you’ve consumed a small bottle of CBD oil and one bottle of juice with equal amounts of CBD and THC, then the THC would have left your system first, and the full effect would not be felt for at least another 15 hours after ingestion.

time CBD stays in your body


The other thing to consider is whether or not you’re a heavy user of CBD products. The more often you take CBD, the longer it will stay in your body. If you’re a first-time user of CBD oil and then eat another edible with similar amounts of CBD and THC, then it will likely stay in your system for a shorter period of time because your body is not used to it.


Remember that the amount of cannabidiol in an edible is hard to measure accurately, so this may be a big factor in the amount of time CBD stays in your body. Also, if you mix cannabinoids with alcohol or other drugs that act as liver enzymes, this can also affect how long they remain in your system.


There are also products available that are made to remove CBD from your system, such as a CBD flush. These aren’t regulated by the FDA, and there is some debate over how well they work.


If you become very concerned about the amount of time it takes for CBD to leave your system, then it’s wise to start with a smaller dose of the product or to wait longer before consuming more. 

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